We are ready to raise some money! Thanks also to our new treasurer, and Olympian and Coach in Duluth, Kara Salmela for completing our taxes. WSCA is seeking applications for an administrative team and board of directors. See below for job description.

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Your knowledge of skiing technique and technology is unique and I really value what you have told me.

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To have a pair of comfortable boots is such a treat. Danke, Danke, Danke. This improved the comfort of my boots and removed the pain I was feeling in my left knee. Carving turns and in control is like a dream come true.

Your mind is not on your feet when you are helping others rael distress on the slopes, Horny cougars in Butte az the end of the day was when it all hit home. Eventually needing surgery on my left knee from stress trying to ski balanced. I have had a lot of lessons from a lot of instructors, Bert is a whole other level again.

They are quite different to reap boots, in particular they flex in different ways to alpine, a bit of new ground for Albert. Slowly getting rid of those bad habits! Thanks are not enough for all you have done for me.

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In some ways Skimetric is all about setting you up for less effort and more return so that you, your boots and skis all work as a complete package. Thank you Bert, you are amazing. Send cover pasdion and to womenskicoaches gmail. Even though I was sceptical of the extent of their claims on your behalf I decided that I was sufficiently frustrated to visit you at your Skimetric site at Hotham.

I feel very confident and trusting of my ability on my skis in all conditions and at high speed. Cheers Peter Metcalfe Mr.

Ski and passion looking for now real

The millimeter percision and power created from it bought a grin on my face that grew from turn to turn and has remained there since. I rave about your program to anyone who will listen!

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I am so greatfull that i had the opportunity to gain so much from what you have to give. Every time we have been skiing she has had problems with her feet, soreness and pins and needles. You have a Skki heart. Now I am ready to take on the heliskiing adventure next year.

Ski and passion looking for now real

I know with the new boot set up it will take a while for me to retrain my movement patterns and loose my bad habits caused by compensating. Thanks again.

Ski and passion looking for now real

It was great to catch up and thanks for your patience and assistance. I will be recommending the Program to everyone that I know. Thank you for the time and effort you took to set me on the journey to better skiing.

He accelerated my skiing dramatically in just a very short period of time. Well, thats what i thought! The boot adjustments that you made improved my stance beyond recognition, and my once weak right hand turn is a thing of passioon past.

Thanks to Bert. I am simply astounded by the change in my skiing!

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Hope onw have a chance to ski together again! Functioning super. After painstakingly assessing my needs and a great deal of measuring and fitting my new boots proved to give me a new appreciation of skiing enjoyment and comfort. The boots and shoes you made are fantastic.

Ski and passion looking for now real

Making skiing not as enjoyable as it should be. Most of all thanks for making me an amazing pair of boots.

Ski and passion looking for now real

Hello Bert, Thankyou once again for an incredible experience.